Our Mission: To provide a revolutionary, positive patient MRI experience encompassing personalized comfort, engagement and enjoyment. 


"MRIs: Doctors Love them Patients Hate Them!"


1 in 10 patients suffer from claustrophobia leading to withdrawal


1 in 3 patients experience anxiety leading to movement & poor MRI images


Innnvision, a new way to experience MRI

innovision, a revolutionary MR safe entertainment system that allows your patients to participate in an interactive digital video/ audio experience during their MRI. The innovision system is extremely simple to setup, only takes 15 minutes to install, and adds virtually zero time to your existing MRI protocols.    


The Technology


Wireless Heads up Display

  • Comfortable viewing experience
  • Scan time display
  • HUD mounts to table and moves with patient
  • MR compatible
  • Light weight: 5.5 kg

Communication Pillow

  • Comfortable memory-foam pillows

  • Ergonomic design

  • vibration-based two-way audio communication
  • noise reduction
  • Easy to clean medical grade, sterilizable; anti-bacterial design

Provider Experience


Patient enrolment will increase

Patients are willing to (i) commute an additional 30 minutes to be part of the enhanced experience (ii) wait 2 additional days to receive an MRI and (iii) pay out of pocket for a more comfortable MRI experience


Lower Rate of Failed Scans

  • Reducing claustrophobia in MRIs may recover loss of billing on the order of $ 200K per scanner per year